Alive and…SILENT?

Hello world!

We are still here, although of course you could be forgiven we had fallen off the edge of the World, we’ve just been having one of those busy times when various members of the band have been moving house, getting married and changing jobs with the result that we haven’t done all that much of a bandular nature.

…Although that’s not entirely true, because last August we hid ourselves in the (very sadly flooded) Blueberry Hills studio in Leeds and recorded a single.  We managed three tracks, and a video in one day.  The efficiency of which, Rick points out, is in stark contrast to the fact that it’s subsequently taken us a further half a year to mix the track and edit the video and do all that stuff that needs doing in order to get the tracks to your ears.  But the good news is that we are VERY NEARLY there, the single will be out…soon (hey, sorry it’s vague but we’re trying our best in our spare time here!).  The title track is called Silence…and we’ll let you know a bit more detail in our next update.

Love you all loads, hope you’ve been well in our absence…



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