New Drummer!

Hello – good news everyone!  We’ve found a drummer, Micky, who’s come all the way from Hungary to play in Ultraxine!  Ok, that’s not quite true, but he is from Hungary, and he does now play in Ultraxine.  So it’s nearly true.  So that’s very exciting news – we’ve had a couple of rehearsals and the songs are sounding great – Micky’s ace drum skills have brought a new punky edge to them, so we’re really pleased with how it’s all going – and hopefully we’ll soon be ready to unleash the rock on the masses and play a few gigs.

In the meantime, we are playing another acoustic set (that’s just Kate and Taz with their acoustic guitars) at the Cardigan Arms, next Thursday, March 5th.  We’ll be on stage at 8.15pm so get there early.  Our last acoustic slot had a good review from Sandman Magazine and it will most likely be our last Northen acousitic gig for a while – so basically come down and see us while you have the chance!

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