Alive and…SILENT?

Hello world!

We are still here, although of course you could be forgiven we had fallen off the edge of the World, we’ve just been having one of those busy times when various members of the band have been moving house, getting married and changing jobs with the result that we haven’t done all that much of a bandular nature.

…Although that’s not entirely true, because last August we hid ourselves in the (very sadly flooded) Blueberry Hills studio in Leeds and recorded a single.  We managed three tracks, and a video in one day.  The efficiency of which, Rick points out, is in stark contrast to the fact that it’s subsequently taken us a further half a year to mix the track and edit the video and do all that stuff that needs doing in order to get the tracks to your ears.  But the good news is that we are VERY NEARLY there, the single will be out…soon (hey, sorry it’s vague but we’re trying our best in our spare time here!).  The title track is called Silence…and we’ll let you know a bit more detail in our next update.

Love you all loads, hope you’ve been well in our absence…




As promised, we have been scouting around for gigs for later in 2015, and we’re delighted to announce we’ve confirmed we’ll be playing an acoustic set at the Perseverance in Wraysbury on Sunday 28th June.  We’ll be on from 4pm until we get chucked out – we’ll post more details as we have them.  Hope to see some of you there!


The Walls Still Hold A Tune – Press Release

The lovely folk at CloseUp PR have released this press release about our forthcoming fundraising gig with Paul Miro and Polly Phluid, to raise money for Amnesty International.

Really hope to see you there! 🙂

Your official invitation…

Ok.  So we’re quite bad at making promotional videos.  We’re sorry – we did try…so here it is.  Your official invitation to The Walls Still Hold a Tune charity event is here:

The Walls Still Hold a Tune – an invitation

We’re much better at playing gigs than making videos, we promise!

Don’t forget, tickets for the gig are available here

We very much hope we’ll see you there

Taz and Kate. x

The Walls Still Hold a Tune

Aaaaah. Well, the more eagle-eyed will have noted we sort of fell off the world towards the end of last year.  Alas, real life got in the way, and ending up homeless and broke in some instances and hiding under a duvet in others meant that we were unable to record the album as planned.  Oh no, oh sadness, or tragedy…

OR…let’s say “these things happen” and move on.  And so we are…and we decided that our original album-launch date should become a celebration of resilience and joyfulness – so we’ve turned it into a charity fundraiser for those awesome folk over at Amnesty International.  The event, named “The Walls Still Hold a Tune”, so far features the headline act of Paul Miro, and us and…ooh, we cant tell you the others yet, we’re keeping them a secret until we announce them!  Tickets are available via the link on our gigs page.  Or here.  We look forward to seeing some of you there, for an acoustically-rocking good time for a most brilliant cause.

Here’s to 2015 rocking like it wants to.

Taz and Kate. x

2014 rocks

Hello, hello, hello!

We are here…back in song-writing mode, and planning an acoustic album. We’ve got a whole ton of new songs already which we can’t wait to share with you. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten Rick…hopefully there will be some acoustic AND electric gigs announced later in the year, so keep checking back.

We’ll be updating the website over the next month too as in our year off we know we haven’t done much with it…bear with us, we’re on it!

It’s great to be back, and we’re looking forward to powerpoppunkrocking out with you all soon.



Awesome Summer!

How are you doing?  We are having an awesome Summer, even if the weather isn’t playing ball, all of the time!

We’ve demoed some more songs in preparation for our 2nd album.  We’ve put one just below this sentence so you can have a listen – and let us know what you think?
One of Those Days (demo) by Ultraxine
It’s especially written for everyone who is having One Of Those Days. Where nothing’s going your way!

The rest of the demos are sounding great, so we’re just writing a few more songs and will then record them too… It’s all good!

Speaking of which, our next gig will be on Sat 20th October, in fair London Town!  More about this soon when we have further details – safe to say we are totally completely looking forward to it – London has always been good to us!

Catching up with the Xine

Hope you have had lots of fun over the festive period, we certainly did 🙂

We’re currently booking in some gigs all over the country for 2012.  If you’d like to have us play near you, why not ask a local venue?  We will be updating our Gigs page when we have some further info for you. We can’t wait, 2012 is going to be ace!

We’re working hard on some new tunes for you as well – the first one, One Of Those Days, was debuted at our Christmas gig with Obvious Pseudonym and Poet and the Loops – and went down a storm!

Lastly, there are some lovely pictures of us around, playing live! Check out the pics of our most recent gig in Wakefield by Rofanator (John Jowett) on Flickr:

And some from the ace Joel Rowbottom from our Harrogate gig with GMT:

Yours, once again in Rock and Punk and Powerpop,

Kate, Taz and Rick xxx

Danger of Death video!

Hidy Doo from the world of the Xine!

We had a brilliant time on stage on Saturday, playing with The Buddha Pests, Papersun and Betamax. There will be pictures to follow soon. We’re playing again this coming Saturday, 5th November, with the mighty GMT at the West Park Hotel, Harrogate. YAY!

Anyway, on to more awesome news worth shouting about!

We spent a few fun hours getting sunburned and nearly getting arrested, and making the below video for our song, Danger of Death! We hope you like it.

Shot by the awesome Geoff Marshall – thanks so much Geoff! 🙂


the Xine xx


We are so excited for the next few months – we’ve got a fair few gigs coming up all over the place!

We’re playing in London for Halloween on 29th October
Harrogate with the mighty GMT on 5th November

and in Wakefield with Obvious Pseudonym for an awesome christmas party.

Please see our GIGS page for more info!

We’ve had loads of fun planning these and watch out for some surprises…..

Taz, Kate and Rick xx