As promised, we have been scouting around for gigs for later in 2015, and we’re delighted to announce we’ve confirmed we’ll be playing an acoustic set at the Perseverance in Wraysbury on Sunday 28th June.  We’ll be on from 4pm until we get chucked out – we’ll post more details as we have them.  Hope to see some of you there!


The Walls Still Hold A Tune – Press Release

The lovely folk at CloseUp PR have released this press release about our forthcoming fundraising gig with Paul Miro and Polly Phluid, to raise money for Amnesty International.

Really hope to see you there! 🙂

Your official invitation…

Ok.  So we’re quite bad at making promotional videos.  We’re sorry – we did try…so here it is.  Your official invitation to The Walls Still Hold a Tune charity event is here:

The Walls Still Hold a Tune – an invitation

We’re much better at playing gigs than making videos, we promise!

Don’t forget, tickets for the gig are available here

We very much hope we’ll see you there

Taz and Kate. x

The Walls Still Hold a Tune

Aaaaah. Well, the more eagle-eyed will have noted we sort of fell off the world towards the end of last year.  Alas, real life got in the way, and ending up homeless and broke in some instances and hiding under a duvet in others meant that we were unable to record the album as planned.  Oh no, oh sadness, or tragedy…

OR…let’s say “these things happen” and move on.  And so we are…and we decided that our original album-launch date should become a celebration of resilience and joyfulness – so we’ve turned it into a charity fundraiser for those awesome folk over at Amnesty International.  The event, named “The Walls Still Hold a Tune”, so far features the headline act of Paul Miro, and us and…ooh, we cant tell you the others yet, we’re keeping them a secret until we announce them!  Tickets are available via the link on our gigs page.  Or here.  We look forward to seeing some of you there, for an acoustically-rocking good time for a most brilliant cause.

Here’s to 2015 rocking like it wants to.

Taz and Kate. x