Hej from the lands of the Xine!

We’ve been busy recently drinking tea but also having a fiddle about with our things online.  Check out some of our tunes on the new Music Player below!!

Ultraxine Rocks! by Ultraxine

We’re going to have lots of news about gigs soon – keep your eyes and ears peeled for this!
Until then, we must remain yours in ROCK…

Kate, Taz and Rick xx

Rockin’ in the new year!

Hey everyone!

New Years are upon us all – the weather’s got that “it might be summer soon” feel about it, and we’ve made our own little resolutions too!

The good news is that we’re now booking gigs for 2010, we’ll be recording some more and by the end of the year, the world will be dominated by teabags and ROCK.

2010 has a bit of an epic feel about it and like a workaholic newsreader, we’ll bring you the latest as soon as we can!

See you rather soon!

Wakefield and Brighton

Hi everyone

First of all just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who came and saw us at Wakefield.  We had a brilliant time and really enjoyed our set.  Thanks to Shield of Steel and GMT for having us on the bill.  The good news for those of you who couldn’t make it is that the extremely talented Trudi Knight from Bandsonstage took some great photos of the evening – which we’ll hopefully get up on the website over the next couple of days for your viewing pleasure!

Of course next on the agenda is Brighton, where we’ll be playing the new “pop” set which features some old favourites and some previously unheard songs at the Brighton Bash. It’s an all day event being held at The Latest Music Bar on Saturday August 15th. It’s only £5 in and there’s LOADS of bands on the bill – and it’s all for charity! We’ll be on stage somewhere between 6pm and 6.30pm, but if you get yourselves down there in the afternoon there will be a whole load of fun to be had before we even take to the stage. See you there.

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New Website (and some tea)

tea and shade


Welcome to our new home on the web. Please feel free to either bookmark us, with the little favourites bar thingamy doo doo, or subscribe to our feed (if you’re more technologically minded, that is!) to keep up to date with all things Ultraxine!

This inaugural posting wouldn’t be the same without a picture – here’s some fun Tea Bag sort of activity, from when we visited the studio recently to put some finishing touches to our album! Much tea was consumed. We like tea, and we also like music. But primarily tea. No, music. Oh dear.

Anyway, time to sign off. See you soon – and have fun!

Kate, Taz and Rick