Thank you London!

Wow!  What an absolutely amazing and fantastic time we had in London.  Thank you so much guys!  We had great fun rocking out and had loads of people tell us how much they enjoyed it too which really means the world to us.  Thank you!

If you couldn’t make it, there’s a lovely review and a couple of pictures from local music-blogger and all round good-guy (despite the name) the Dark Lord of Barnet which you can find here

And that, as they say in show biz, is us, for a while…we’re going to take a break now for a little while, so there won’t be any gigs for the rest of 2012 and *probably* none in 2013 (although we never say never!)…we REALLY hope that we’ll eventually be back with news of a second album.  We can’t promise anything, but the tunes leak out of our heads anyway, so we might as well record them…so stay tuned, and watch this space.

With massive love and thanks for all your support

Taz, Kate and Rick, Ultraxine 2012.

London Gig Flyer


Our next gig will be on Saturday 20th October, at The World’s End Pub in Finsbury Park, London.

Please click on the flyer below, print it out and bring it with you – and you will only pay one English Pound to get in to the gig – rather than two.

We are headlining and are on at around 11pm – see you there, we totally can’t wait!

Yours in ROCK and tea,

The Xine xx

Awesome Summer!

How are you doing?  We are having an awesome Summer, even if the weather isn’t playing ball, all of the time!

We’ve demoed some more songs in preparation for our 2nd album.  We’ve put one just below this sentence so you can have a listen – and let us know what you think?
One of Those Days (demo) by Ultraxine
It’s especially written for everyone who is having One Of Those Days. Where nothing’s going your way!

The rest of the demos are sounding great, so we’re just writing a few more songs and will then record them too… It’s all good!

Speaking of which, our next gig will be on Sat 20th October, in fair London Town!  More about this soon when we have further details – safe to say we are totally completely looking forward to it – London has always been good to us!


We are so excited for the next few months – we’ve got a fair few gigs coming up all over the place!

We’re playing in London for Halloween on 29th October
Harrogate with the mighty GMT on 5th November

and in Wakefield with Obvious Pseudonym for an awesome christmas party.

Please see our GIGS page for more info!

We’ve had loads of fun planning these and watch out for some surprises…..

Taz, Kate and Rick xx

Rockin’ in the new year!

Hey everyone!

New Years are upon us all – the weather’s got that “it might be summer soon” feel about it, and we’ve made our own little resolutions too!

The good news is that we’re now booking gigs for 2010, we’ll be recording some more and by the end of the year, the world will be dominated by teabags and ROCK.

2010 has a bit of an epic feel about it and like a workaholic newsreader, we’ll bring you the latest as soon as we can!

See you rather soon!