Album News

Hey everyone – great news!  Our debut album, “Taking Sweets From Strangers” is now officially OUT.  As we’ve previously mentioned, you can download it from ITunes or or Rhapsody or Napster or eMusic…and now we also have bright shiny disc versions too! Hurrah!

The discs are available for £10 if you stop us in the street and buy one (or more likely at a gig) or for £11.50 if you’d like us to post one direct to your door – just think of that – ten wondrous Ultraxine songs all  without having to leave the comfort of your own couch.  You can order the disc from the clever ‘buy it now’ widget on our MySpace and we’ll get an equally clever widget on this website as soon as possible.

In the mean time, feel free to use the button below for now…

Take care and rock muchly

Taz and Kate.x

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