Silence single – now OUT!!

Silence, as explained by Taz:

In 2014 I reached a point where I couldn’t bear to watch the news any more. Everything in it was so sad, so far away from the world I thought would exist by the time I was an adult, so full of injustice, war and death of innocent people. Simultaneously my frustration with the use of social media peaked, and I deleted the majority of my accounts (some I need for work, otherwise they’d have gone too!) More than anything I couldn’t reconcile my frustration with events around the world with the fact that when I posted about them online, more people would talk about a picture of a sandwich than about the news events of the day. Granted a few like-minded folk would always engage in conversation about the state of the world but there were still 95% of people for whom it seemed that silence was the acceptable option. I was endlessly frustrated. The world is never going to change if those of us who are lucky enough to observe it from a safe place stay silent. But I still had a distinct feeling that just ranting on social media was shouting into the wind.

Around the same time I was listening to a radio interview with a musician, and in all honesty now I’d struggle to tell you who it was. What I do know is that it was someone whose music I wasn’t that familiar with, but he was telling the story about how a song he wrote was about a social situation he had observed at the time. Previously ignorant to the story of the song, I listened to his song with new ears. I pondered on why people don’t write protest songs any more. They do of course, and many of the musicians I admire the most write amazing songs about the injustices they see. And then I realised that maybe we had more of a voice than sharing distressing stories online. Maybe silence won’t change the world, but singing about it could.

Of course, we aren’t kidding ourselves. We aren’t a platinum selling band with legions of fans who will buy the single and thus give us a huge sum of money we can donate to a cause. But each of us are dedicated to what we believe in. And that, we think, is the same for most people. So here’s the deal. You can watch the video for Silence here: You can download Silence, and the 2 B-sides, Walk the Other Way and Was She?  on Bandcamp: You can pay (donate) what you want for the single. Everything that we receive for the single will be donated to charity, via our Justgiving page:

If you prefer you can download the single for free and donate an amount directly to our fundraising page instead. It’s entirely your call. But hey, we also know that not everyone has spare cash flying around, or has their own charities they would prefer to support. If you’d prefer to download the single for free, and donate your next spare £2 to the charity of your choice, then please, do that on us. Or if it’s a tight month – and trust us, we get that – download the single free, and pay it forward when you can. Do something kind for an elderly neighbour. Put a tin in the foodbank collection at the supermarket. Pick up a piece of litter in the street. Stand up for what YOU believe in. Change the world in any tiny way that you can, because you can.

If you’d rather do the ‘usual’ thing and purchase the single via a mainstream provider so it syncs with the rest of your collection, we understand that too – so it’s available from the usual purchase and streaming outlets too.

Peace, love, and absolutely not silence…


A belated but VERY huge THANK YOU to everyone who came and supported The Walls Still Hold a Tune Charity shindig.  The final total raised was £726 for Amnesty International – a fine total that far exceeded our expectations.  Of course this would not have been possible without the awesome musical talents of Paul Miro and Polly Phluid, and the huge generosity of so many bands and musicians who donated items for the raffle.

You’re all brilliant – thank you.

We’re back looking at gigs for later in the year – both electric and acoustic, so we’ll let you know when we’ve got anything confirmed.

Breaking News…

Delighted to announce that Polly Phluid of The Idol Dead will be joining the line-up (with some friends) for The Walls Still Hold a Tune gig on March 21st.

The night is shaping up to very exciting indeed!

Tickets HERE.

We’re still here…

Alright everyone?

Just checking you’re all still alive…and a quick post to say we’re still here, writing some new material and planning some acoustic-type action that will be both FUN and JOYFUL.  Down with the sad acoustic ballad, up with the acoustic POWERPOPPUNKROCK!

Peace, love and tea

The ‘Xine. x

New Gig

Hey all!

We’re delighted to confirm that we’re playing at The Fenton in Leeds on 11th August!

Tickets are £5 and available from us beforehand (email to get yours!) or there will be some available on the door.

We’re really looking forward to it – Mr Rickles Rockles Steckles will be joining us on the drum stool to bash out some tunes. Rock on!

The ‘Xine xx

It’s winter time…

There’s no need… to be afraid!

It’s rehersal time soon – and after a barnstorming single release party we’re back practicing again for a gig onslaught in 2011!

Mr Rick Steckles has joined us once more on the drum stool, and we’re looking forward to punking out some tunes in the near future!

Let there be ROCK!!!

the xine xxx

Danger of Death Out 20th December!

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen!

We had a totally awesome night last night watching the briliant Cheap Trick having a fun time.  That was ace.

Danger of Death!!!However, we have LOADS more awesome news for you this morning (we are up bright and early with cups of tea) – as Danger of Death will be released on 20th December!!!

However, to keep your Xine intake up to normal, we’ve got a special treat for you.

We’ve made one of the tracks on this upcoming single available to whet your appetite!

For more information and to have a listen, visit our awesome page on Soundcloud and check out The Music which is one of our totally excellent new songs.

We’d also love to know what you think about it – drop us an e-mail, pop a comment here or feel free to annotate the track as you see fit!

Yours in ROCK and TEA and AWESOMENESS,

The ‘Xine

Danger…of Death (Part 1)

Hello! We’ve been back in the studio this weekend rehearsing songs for the Danger of Death EP, which we’re planning to record in April. We were joined by the awesome bazzegboy who was busy taking all sorts of photos and videos that will doubtless be making appearances on our various web pages over the coming weeks.

In other news, you can now follow us on Twitter and on Facebook, so if you’re in to using either of those sites then come and join us on those pages for all our up to date news, as well as our random thoughts about guitars, rock, tea and sofas.


Back in the studio!

Yes…after a short (ish) break to allow for Taz to recover from giving birth (it was a boy by the way!) Ultraxine are hitting the rehearsal studio on 19th December for the first time since August.  There will be much rocking, rolling, rehearsing, and no doubt general plotting for the recording of the “Danger of Death” EP.  Stay tuned for news!


Gig Time

Eek, it’s May already – time flies when you’re having fun!

We’ve been up to lots recently – including some very big news (but that’s for later!) and practicing and writing like practicing and writing demons (if ever there was such a thing), and booking some Summertime gigs!

The first gig we’re happy to announce is that we’re playing at the fabulous Burning Brighton Bash – which looks like it will be our last gig of the summer.  So if you’re up for a bit of a laugh, some Brighton Rock (both sweet and rocking!), some happy times and some fundraising for a very deserving cause, please come and support us and all of the other bands on the bill – it looks like it’s going to be an absolute corker!

We’re so happy to be playing this festival – as it’s been set up in honour of a great friend and music lover, who sadly passed away in recent times.  But it’s excellent to see that her love of music and of bringing people together is living on!

For further details please visit our Gigs page.

And now for the reason that it will be our last gig for a wee while – at this gig, Taz will be 8 months pregnant! Lets hope that all those bass frequencies and rocking out don’t persuade her baby to want to come and join the fun at the gig..!

We will be taking a little time out so that Taz (and her husband Paul) can enjoy the fruits of their, er, labour.  And teach the baby some harmonies!

That’s it for now – we’ll have some more gig dates for you soon though.  Keeeeeeeep rocking!