The music we make ranges from happy pop, to rocky punk, to bittersweet cacophony.

Check below to listen to some of our tunes!

Ultraxine Rocks! by Ultraxine

We’re also on….




Our first album, “Taking Sweets From Strangers” which you can listen to above is available now from all good shops as well as being available to download from the usual places.

The album was part-written and 100% rehearsed, recorded, mixed, mastered and released in one year.  The album was produced (and mixed and mastered) by the wonderful Bernie Tormé down at Barnroom Studios in Kent and we are entirely grateful to him for putting up with us for long enough to get the job finished.

If you would like to BUY a copy of this aforementioned now-historic work there are many options!

If you prefer getting your grubby mitts on a physical CD – please use the button below to do so.  The CD is £10 if you stop us in the street or at a gig, or £11.50 including posting to wherever you would like it to go.   If you would like to read what other people have had to say about it BEFORE you buy it then there are some nice things to read on our press page.

1 – Aldgate
2 – Butterflies
3 – Fake
4 – House of Straw
5 – The Badgers Song
6 – Confusion
7 – Think of You
8 – What I Want
9 – Tremulous
10 – Drunken Celebration


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