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Some things that have been said about Ultraxine in the press…


“Ultraxine’s ‘Taking Sweets From Strangers’, which, with a  cover showing the sort of grubby mitt you saw offering contraband on school anti-drug pamphlets presenting a fistful of candy, sounds fittingly like The Wildhearts would have if they’d preferred e-numbers to opiates.  And been girls”

Alison B, Bubblegum Slut

“When they do get it right, Ultraxine are unashamedly good fun…Stand out track “What I Want” is everything pop-punk should be: exhilirating riffs played at double speed and upbeat, sugary lyrics that are guaranteed to leave a smile on your face…In a stroke of genius, Taz and Kate frequently combine their voices to deliver a double-layered vocal that’s sweet and charismatic, but has an abrasive punk edge. These dual vocals frequently steer ‘Taking Sweets From Strangers’ more towards the punk end of the pop-punk spectrum, with ‘Butterflies’ and ‘Fake’ in particular sounding all the more edgy, for their dual vocals.”

Jessica Thornsby, Leeds Music Scene

“This is dirty-mouthed poprockpunk with a huge dollop sweet stuff guaranteed to endanger your dentures, not save them….Riffs (though loud) are kept simple; nods towards rioting grrls and punking instigators are clear from ‘Aldgate’. Lead vocals are erudite and succinct…For the most part it is simply Kate and Taz having huge amounts of fun…revelling in rollicking choruses, and making a scrappy heartfelt noise…It’s the sort of thing I get when I listen to Eureka Machines – catchy tunes and happy times.”

Rob Wright, Sandman Online Magazine

“This is not background music, and *demands* to be turned up very loud.  Which is not a criticism, because it certainly deserves it!  Brilliant playing – haven’t heard guitars this biosterous or drums this pounding in a while, since my days slam dancing in the youth club at the age of sixteen – whilst still remaining appealingly ramshackle.  And the harmonies come to life too.  Favourite tracks are opener Aldgate (who knew it was bad there?) and Message.  Worth exploring immediately!”

iTunes Review by Unreliable Witness


“I’m roused sharply by Ultraxine…Bass-playing singer Taz has a touch of Ginger about her, whilst guitarist Daphne [Kate!] just looks like she’s having fun.  The punk is poppy, the drums are loud…the camaraderie and joy is there – and that’s ultimately what it’s all about”

Rob Wright, Sandman Magazine

“It’s a good mix of catchy melodies, well rehearsed harmonies and decent guitar work from a band that I think could do well with having a go at some more acoustic stuff.”

Patrick Gunn, Sandman Magazine

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